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  • logs = PATH

    a path to the directory where SubGit logs are being stored. The path can be either absolute or relative to the Git repository where import/mirror from SVN is being performed to. 
  • logLevel = [info|finer|finest]

    SubGit logs verbosity level. There are three levels:
    • INFO – default level, least verbose, reflects import/mirror process steps.

    • FINER – more verbose, Subgit logs every action it performs.

    • FINEST – most verbose, logs everything, including whole network traffic with all the payload.

    The values are case-insensitive. Default log level is INFO.

  • shared = [true|false]

    a boolean value, can be set to true or false.When true, all files in the Git repository will be made group-writable; false will set all the files owner writable only. The option must be true when more than one system account is used to work with this repository. The default is false.
  • authorsFile = PATH

    a path to the authors mapping file or authors mapping helper program:

    • authors mapping file – a text file with explicit authors mapping:

      authors mapping syntax
      svn_username = Git User <>
    • authors helper program – an executable authors mapping helper program and its optional arguments.

    Find more details on authors mapping in the authors mapping user manual.
    There could be more than one authorsFile options specified, they will be processed from the last to the first until the mapping is obtained. 
  • authorsFileEncoding = ENCODING

    encoding in which authors mapping information is present. The default value is UTF8.
  • defaultDomain = DOMAIN

    domain to be used to generate Git committer email when authors mapping is not defined or does not provide an email address for a particular committer.
  • failSafe = [auto|svn|git]

    a way SubGit handles translation failures. There are three possible options:
    • auto – failed translation results in commits or pushes to be blocked on the side to which translation has failed.
    • svn – commits to Subversion are never being blocked.
    • git – pushes to Git are never being blocked.
    Find more details in "Error recover" user manual
  • pathEncoding = ENCODING

    encoding to be used to store paths in Git tree objects. The default value is UTF8.
  • gitPath = PATH

    a path to Git executable. If this option is set, Git executable will be used to stream large files and perform Git garbage collection that can significantly decrease memory and disk space consumption.
  • streamFileThreshold = SIZE

    file size in bytes. SubGit loads the entire file into memory if its size less than this threshold; if the file is larger than the threshold, SubGit sends it as a stream. The option is not set by default, but SubGit sets the threshold to 50MB when the option is not set, so default threshold is 50MB. Note, the bigger the threshold is, the more likely to run into OutOfMemory error.
  • javaHome = PATH

    a path to Java home directory; this Java RE will be used to run hooks.


  • url = URL

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