Git X-Modules is a server-side app that syncs your project directories with other repositories. Think of it as a server-side alternative to Git Submodules. 

Use Cases

  • Combine multiple projects and components into a single repository for cross-project development
  • Include parts of other projects into yours
  • Share common assets across multiple projects

Git X-Modules is totally transparent to Git users.

  • An X-Module is a regular directory. It’s synced on your Git server with an external repository.
  • When an X-Module is updated the changes go to the external repository.
  • When an external repository is updated the changes are applied to the X-Module.
  • When there are two conflicting updates Git X-Modules applies one update and turns the other into a pull request

It's simple, yet versatile

  • Sync an X-Module with any branch in the external repository. Change the settings at any time.
  • Pull the whole tree from an external repository or specify its subdirectory with powerful exclude filters.
  • Keep the history clean and tidy by squashing and rebasing module commits or preserve the module history in a parent repository with a merge option.

Would you like to see Git X-Modules in action? Watch the screencast!

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