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Major SubGit benefits are

  • Great translation and initial import performance (in comparison to git-svn)
  • No limits are put on Svn and Git users (contrary to git-svn)
  • Requires no shell access to Subversion repository (contrary to SubGit 1.0.x)

SubGit includes powerful translation engine, which would translate

  • merge tracking information and merge history
  • non-linear Git commits history to Subversion
  • subprojects, tags and branches
  • svn:ignore and .gitignore ignore definitions
  • svn:eol-style and .gitattributes special properties
  • symbolic links
  • commit authors and dates
  • files and directories renames

There are a few limitations on translation (see Translation Limitations). These limitations only affects translation, and do not prevent Git and Subversion from being used to their full extents.

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