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url = http://host/svn/repos

svn.url option value specifies project location. It is used as the root URL relative to which mappings paths are treated.

trunk = trunk:refs/heads/master
branches = branches/*:refs/heads/*
tags = tags/*:refs/tags/*
shelves = shelves/*:refs/shelves/*

There are four kinds of branches that have to be mapped, each represented by its own option: trunk, branches, tags and shelves. Each option establishes SVN_PATH to GIT_REFERENCE correspondence for a particular kind of entity. Mapping syntax for trunk is:


svn.trunk option allows to specify single SVN_PATH:GI_REFERENCE mapping as its value. SVN_PATH is a path relative to the project svn.url location and GIT_REFERENCE is a git reference e.g. refs/heads/master. Mapping meaning is that changes made on or below SVN_PATH in Subversion project translated to the Git commits on GIT_REFERENCE and conversely, commits on GIT_REFERENCE would be translated to the changes below SVN_PATH. Mapping syntax for branches, tags and shelves is:

branches = SVN_PATH[/*]:GIT_REFERENCE[/*]

Mapping could be either one-to-one or many-to-many, in other words when ‘*’ wildcard is used it should be present in the both sides of mapping. In order to specify multiple mappings each mapping must be defined as a separate option, see example below:

branches = branches/*:refs/heads/*
branches = release_branches/b1:refs/release/b1

Above mapping maps all branches in Subversion branches directory to the Git refs/heads namespace and, additionally, maps single release_branches/b1 branch to refs/releases/b1 Git branch reference.

Be careful when specifying mapping, it would not be possible to adjust it when synchronization is enabled. Only branches and tags that are included in the mapping will be imported and kept in sync by SubGit.

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