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You may use SubGit for without a registration for evaluation period of 7 days. Should you like to extend this evaluation period, feel free to contact us at Registration is required for production use.

Obtain registration key:

SubGit registration key is a file with a contents like:

Purchase ID: CM-123456
Name: Company <>
Committers per repository: 10
Repositories: 10
Supported versions: 1.*.*


Registration key could be obtained at SubGit registration page. Key file will be send to you by email.

Upload key:

Upload key you have received to the server where your Git repository is located. You may upload the file, or copy and paste key file contents to the file on the server side.

Register SubGit:

Run subgit register command to register repository. This command have to be ran on behalf of the user who has write access to the /etc directory on Linux or OS X or to the system APP_DATA directory on Windows. This usually would be root user on Linux and OS X and user with Administrator privileges on Windows.

Unless key file location is specified on the command line with the –key option, SubGit looks for the key file at the following locations:


SubGit register command provides some information on the key limits and on how many repositories could be registered with it:

$ sudo subgit register --key subgit.key repository.git
SubGit version 2.0.0 ('Patrick') build #7777

Registration information:

    Registered for:       Company <>
    Purchase ID:          CM-123456
    Committers Limit:     10

    This key has been used to register 1 repository;
    You may use this key to register 9 more repositories (out of 10).


On UNIX-like operating systems: In order for subgit to inherit the correct java environment you may need to run the sudo with the -E option. See man sudo for details.

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