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If you want to use the SSL client certificate authentication to access a Subversion repository, specify the following settings:

[auth "default"]
sslClientCertFile = PATH
sslClientCertPassphrase = passphrase

The sslClientCertFile setting defines a path to the SSL client certificate file in PKSC#12 format. The path can be either absolute or relative to the Git repository.

The sslClientCertPassphrase setting specifies a passphrase that can be optionally used to protect the SSL certificate.

A web server that hosts a Subversion repository can be configured to request a username and password after the authentication with an SSL client certificate. For the information on the settings that you can use to specify a username and password, see the Specifying a username and a password section.

The other way to specify a path to an SSL client certificate and an optional passphrase is the the Subversion servers file that is located in the default Subversion configuration directory.

ssl-client-cert-file = PATH
ssl-client-cert-password = passphrase

In this case, no additional settings are required in the [auth "default"] section of the SubGit configuration file. SubGit refers to the servers file for an SSL certificate to log in to a Subversion repository.

If a web server that hosts a Subversion repository along with an SSL client certificate requires a username and a password for authentication, SubGit refers to the servers configuration file for an SSL certificate and uses the Subversion credentials cache to log in to a Subversion repository. To specify the settings that fetch the Subversion credentials cache, see the Using the Subversion credentials cache section.

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