Git X-Modules is an app for Bitbucket, that provides a server-side alternative to Git Submodules.

Git X-Modules creates and manages Git repositories that include other repositories.

An X-Module is a regular directory in a Git repository synchronized with an external repository.

A repository with X-Modules is a regular Git repository: you can clone it, push to it, create pull requests, etc.

Use cases:

  • Combine multiple projects and components into a single repository for cross-project development.
  • Include parts of other projects into yours.
  • Share common assets across multiple projects.
  • Split mono-repository.

Key benefits:

  • Configure and manage X-Modules within Bitbucket Server UI.
  • Include repository branches, tags, or commits as X-Modules.
  • Select module sync strategy:
    • include complete history with SHA-1 hashes preserved; or
    • include a compact digest of a module history.
  • Users follow standard Git workflow: clone, push, create new branches and pull requests; no special commands are required.
  • Add Git X-Modules to your existing work environment without rebuilding it.

Git X-Modules App is compatible with both Bitbucket Server and Data Center. Bitbucket Cloud is not yet supported.

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